Sherlock to Return January 1st on BBC One

The long awaited third season of Sherlock will begin on New Year’s Day.  The first episode titled “The Empty Hearse” will air on BBC One on the first day of the year and will provide and explanation as to how Sherlock is in fact alive.  The next two episodes of the season will air January 5 and 12.

To promote the start of the upcoming season, a hearse drove through the streets of London with the air date spelled out in flowers.  Definitely not something you see every day!



Preview Reveals That SHERLOCK Is Not Dead


It seems everyone else is getting the idea that Sherlock may not be quite dead.  In fact, I think Steve Moffat and his crew may be a little twitter happy, if you ask me.

No matter, though, because we don’t mind tweets like this.

Season 3 of Sherlock will premiere on Masterpiece on PBS January 19, 2014.

BBC One Tweets First Official Still of SHERLOCK For Season 3


At first I thought this might have been a photoshopped image from one of those the many shipper fans out there, but this is the real deal folks!  The fire official image for Season 3 of Sherlock was tweeted out earlier today by BBC One.


SHERLOCK series 3 premiere dates unveiled

After the hiatus that lasted a lifetime, Sherlock fans will finally be able to see their favorite detective return from the dead on January 19, 2014.

The first episode is called “The Empty Hearse” and solves the mystery of Sherlock’s death. The second episode is titled “The Sign of Three” and features — spoiler alert if you haven’t been following the online chatter about the new season — Watson getting married to Mary Morstan (played by his real-life partner, Mr. Selfridge actress Amanda Abbington). The third episode is “The Last Vow” and airs Feb. 2. And then the wait for new Sherlock will begin all over again. Season 4 is heavily presumed to be happening, but the BBC has not confirmed this and the company tends to wait until each season of Sherlock airs until announcing the next.

The Sign of Three will premiere on January 26.

series 3

Source: Entertainment Weekly

SHERLOCK Interview from San Diego Comic-Con

There’s still a few more months and holidays to come before we see the 3rd season of BBC One’s Sherlock, so let’s just see what co-creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, as well as executive producer Sue Vertue, had to say about it when they were at San Diego Comic-Con earlier this year: